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Web Development Platform

Web Development Platform

NeiVix group also partners with a great product called SiteSuite by Netstellar, SiteSuite is a game-changing product that forever changes how website development and hosting is done.

The product offers convenience and ease of use of traditional CMS products, combined with unlimited flexibility and the power of web development frameworks. It is a full-stack development platform, built-in robust extensible content management framework, intelligent framework for building and embedding reusable applications combined with the guarantee of superb performance and reliability and with developer accounts with access to all platform’s features. With a flat learning curve, one would see the results of the work right away.

It is a powerful alternative to traditional request processing paradigms. A micro- service based architecture, a fundamental for the modern cloud. It offers XML-based protocols for incorporating output, micro-services produce, a game-changing breakthrough innovation with ease and elegance of setting up content management policies, culminating in never seen WYSIWYG content editor.

Finally, one would only pay for the services the website uses and offers clear, transparent, easy to ascertain pricing.

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